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Provide quality services that meet diverse needs of customers is the main challenge of the service areas. Being able to control all processes in a strategic way is critical to reach high levels of customer care.

The Code-K´s Start&Go allows the agents have access to necessary information with a few clicks during the register of one incident.

In addition, all the calls in call center are centralized in a single environment, whether open, completed, canceled, delayed, under the responsibility of another department, with view of all pending issues in each business area.

With The Code-K´s Start&Go you can control SLAs of the calls according to their subjects, ensure that the system manages and controls the expected conclusion date of each incident, and also reduce significantly the operation time of training.

Fast Results

Implement Dynamics CRM quickly and assertively with Office 365 native integration and ensure the results you need.

Low risk

Count on pre-established processes and support from experts in CRM solutions to reduce the effort, investment and project risks.

Low cost

Minimize capital expenses and gain agility in the deployment relying on a well-defined project scope with low investment.

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