Digital marketing automation and e-mail marketing for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Customer relationship in digital media is of increasing importance in a world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives. Mobile devices, social networks and the Internet as a whole have changed the way we consume and do business, and especially the way we relate to business and that businesses relate to each other. Understanding the client's journey in digital media, and taking measurable and automated action is a must for every modern company, and the right platform is critical to a successful strategy.

Code-K Campaign enables your marketing team to create multichannel campaigns, involving digital and offline media, easily and quickly, without the need of IT specialists and without relying on agencies or creative teams for campaign operation. Create campaigns in just a few clicks using drag-and-drop features, and track performance metrics with custom dashboards to react quickly to results.

Code-K Campaign facilitates the creation and hosting of landing pages and conversion forms, accelerating the capture of clients via the web. Campaign automation enables you to create email templates, send batch mail, and make decisions and actions based on customer responses, allowing the automation of marketing efforts for effective nurturing. The platform also supports sending and monitoring of SMS.

Developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Code-K Campaign leverages the power of the Microsoft platform as a customer information and process centralizer, using its user permissions, advanced localization, Excel export, processes and reports. Dynamics 365 allows you to centralize all marketing activities and communications with the customer.

Campaign Automation

Empower your marketing team with the powerful drag-and-drop campaign automation designer.

E-mail Templates

Easily create e-mail templates highly compatible with modern e-mail clients and responsive layout.

Landing Pages and Forms

Promote your marketing actions quickly with Landing Pages and Conversion Forms created with drag-and-drop.

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